Use DirectDental to lower your payroll costs!

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Dental Office, Employer advice, Hiring, Practice Advice, Temporary Hire

Let’s face it… Dental is Seasonal.   If you run a dental practice, you’re familiar with the busy seasons when the schedule is typically full and being short-staffed causes stress in your office. Don’t worry you’re not alone. We’ve experienced that “short-staffed feeling” firsthand and it led us to build a new temp staffing website for dentistry.  Next time your office is short-staffed just head to to view dental professional profiles, request a Temp to help cover a day or work the entire week. You can even request long-term temps for extended coverage.

How does it work? 

  1. Login into your Dental Practice Profile on
  2. Find the Temps option on the top menu and click Request Temp.
  3. Select a date, enter the details for your job and then click Submit using My Practice Schedule calendar.
  4. View Profiles & Request Temps directly. You’ll be notified in real-time when a Professional accepts your job!

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