With DirectDental.com temping is easier than ever before!  If you have been thinking about temping, whether that is temping one day a week or temping full time we have compiled a list of the top benefits of being a dental temp.  

1) Fill gaps in your work schedule– If you are between jobs, your office isn’t open 5 days week or your office is closing for vacation, temping allows you to make money on those days your aren’t working.

2) Get to meet great practices and people– Dental temps always say one of their favorite things about temping is getting to see all different types of dental practices and meeting all the wonderful people that work there.  You will be able to make connections that last a lifetime! You don’t get that if you stay in one office all day every day!

3) No long term commitment – Let’s face it, working for one office every day is not for everyone.  If you like to travel or take time off to help family, temping allows you to work on the days you want to work and enjoy the time off when you need it, guilt free.  Um… where do I sign up?

4) Make your own schedule– You decide when and where you want to work.  DirectDental will send you temp requests and you accept or decline.

5) Flexible pay– With your DirectDental Profile, you input the pay you want.  If an office is offering more, feel free to accept the higher pay!

6) Build relationships with dental practices– You can build your own weekly temp business by building relationships with the practices that find you on DirectDental.

7) Temping can turn into a permanent position– Offices you find on DirectDental hire you directly, if you love the office and they love you, accept the position!!

Ready to leap into your new career as a dental temp?  Set up your DirectDental Profile today!