How to get the most out of your DirectDental profile

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Dental Practices are on DirectDental and reaching out to Dental Professionals, like you, everyday.  

If you are not getting as many temp or interview requests as you would like, make sure to follow these easy tips.  They will have offices begging to work with you!

1) Make sure your profile is 100% complete – The “Completeness” Bar at the top of your profile is designed so you can keep track of how complete your profile is.

2) Make sure you keep your availability updated – Going in weekly and marking the days you are available, moves you up on the temp search results for the dental practices.  Having an updated temp availability ensures they see your profile first.

3) Keep your profile honest and accurate – Make sure every skill you have is marked, this will increase your chances of offices looking for those skill sets to find you.  However, don’t add skills you don’t have. It puts added stress on you and the office if you can’t complete the tasks they need help with.

4) Show up for your accepted shifts – This should go without saying, but when you accept a shift, go and be on time.  And before you leave at the end of the day, make sure you check out with the doctor or office manager.   

5) Treat every temp shift like a working interview –  If you go in as a temp and do the best possible work you can, the office is going to want to have you back again and again.  How cool is that?!?

6) Keep your documents updated on your profile or take with you for every shift – In order to have you temp or do a working interview, offices need your dental licences and certificates on file. Always keep them updated on your DirectDental account so offices have easy access to them. Here are the documents you need for each position.

    a) Dentists: Dental Licence, CPR Card, Liability Insurance
    b) RDH: RDH licence, CPR Card, Laser Certification (if you have it)
    c) RDA: RDA licence, CPR Card
    d) Dental Assistant: California Radiology Certificate, CPR Card
    e) Front Office: Not documents required.
Also to get you added to payroll, take 2 forms of accepted I9 identification into the office.  Do NOT add these to your profile.  Follow this link to see what IDs are accepted (Acceptable IDs). 

7) Send us feedback – We want to make DirectDental as simple and easy to use as       possible. Any suggestions to improve our process will help us achieve that!  Please email your comments or suggestions to i[email protected] or input them below in the comment section.