How Do I Negotiate Pay When Offered a Job?

by | May 26, 2019 | Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienists, Dental Job, Dental Professionals, New Job, Work Life | 0 comments

Getting offered a job is one of the most exciting things that can happen during our adult lives.  

But that excitement could quickly dissipate if the pay offered isn’t what you were expecting.  

No, you don’t have to turn down the job or settle for lower pay if you approach the situation the right way…

Follow these 5 steps to help earn your desired job & pay rate.

1) Know the minimum rate that you are willing to accept.  Being educated about current pay rates for your position is key.  If you want to know what the average pay rate for your position is to check out this post (link to the salaried post)

2) From the start (if asked) be vague about your current/past pay wage and be upfront about what rate you would want if offered a position.  DO NOT mention pay during your initial or working interview unless asked.  

3) Don’t feel like you have to accept the offer right away.  If you are the right candidate, they will give you a night to think things over.  Simply ask “Can I have the evening to review this offer? I will give you a call first thing tomorrow morning.”

4) Whether you decide to counter when they give you the offer OR the morning after, you want to word your counter offer with non-negotiable verbiage. Something like “I really love this office and I am excited about the opportunity to work here.  I know I would be a wonderful asset to your team, however, I need to my rate of pay to be $__. Could we make that work?”



There might be a long awkward pause, but whoever speaks first loses.

Most likely (as long as your ask isn’t too high) the dentist will say “Ok”.  

If not, simply ask, “What is the best you could do?” Or “If I accept this current pay, how soon would we do a review with a raise?”  

Based on his or her answer, you can decide if you still want to accept the offer or if you want to walk away. If you walk away there is a chance he gives you the pay you asked for, but only choose the walk away route if you can afford to not take the job.

Want a new alternative way to get higher pay?

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