How to Better Understand Your Dental Staff

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Certainly, there are several times during the day when your Dental Assistant or Office Manager says something and you think “Where the heck did they hear that?”

Staying up to date on what your staff is reading and what they are being told about the dental field is very important.  The labor laws, Dental Board and functions of each position are always changing. Knowing what your Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, and Front office staff are hearing will enable you to have the needed cohesiveness to make your office thrive.

In this post, we give you easy links to the resources your office staff is following and explain why you should be following it too!

Dental Board of California

Your staff (particularly your back office staff) is checking the site regularly for any updates to the dental field in California.  Most of them are checking out their allowable duties for their position to make sure they aren’t doing anything that might put their license in jeopardy.

California Dental Hygienist’s Association

Although hygienists have the Dental Hygiene Board of California, which they do check in often, the California Dental Hygienist’s Associate website offers an easy to follow site with all the important information they need to know.  Most importantly it offers this valuable article on 1099 vs w2 employment so your hygienist understands exactly how they are to be paid.

Dental Assistant Life

This is a wonderful blog that builds a community for Dental Assistants.  It offers articles such as Reasons Why Dental Assistants Work 2nd Jobs, Messy Moments in Dental Assisting, and 3 Things Great Dental Teams Do.

DirectDental and the DirectDental Blog

They are heading to DirectDental so they can temp when they aren’t working in your office and they are checking out the blog to read about How to ask for a raise and How to Become a Registered Dental Assistant.

Staying up-to-date on these resources will enable to know what your dental staff is reading and thinking.  Being in the know on these items will allow you to build an awesome team with great communication and trust!

Want to know what else makes your dental staff happy?  

Paying them what everyone else in their position is being paid.  

Not sure what the average hourly rates are for your dental staff?

We got the answer here for you.