Master the Working Interview

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I have been in dentistry for a long time and working interviews are almost always required to get the job.

Most applicants get nervous about working interviews, but especially the ones that are:

A. New to dentistry
B. Trying to get back into dentistry
C. Have been at their current practice for a long time and forgot how to interview
D. Always going on working interviews but never getting the job.

This post is here to guide you on how to have an amazing working interview and land the job!

What you need to know about working interviews in the Dental Field

Working interviews are paid interviews.  The office asks you to come in and work with the team for the day.

This gives the office the opportunity to see:

a. What you know.
b. How well you mesh with the staff.
c. And how well you treat their patients.

A working interview gives YOU the opportunity to

a. Check out the commute.
b. See if you like the work environment.
c. And lets you know if the practice is the right match for you.

Now how do you nail your working interview?  Here is how.


1. Look your best

Even though you are working, this is still an interview.  Make sure to wear nice clean scrubs, have clean and simple hair that is neatly pulled out of your face, simple make-up and minimal perfumes.  Since this is dentistry, keep your nails short and clean.

I have had fantastic Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists go on working interviews to have the office tell me they love them, but their perfume was too strong or their nails to wild.  AND THAT IS THE REASON THEY PASS ON THEM!!

Please don’t let something so controllable be the reason you miss out on the job.

2. Be Friendly AND Professional

Be yourself on these interviews, however, be your professional self.  Try to connect with the staff and the patients, but keep the conversations light and fun.  If an employee starts to complain, don’t let yourself get sucked into her negativity. If you must, excuse yourself and go vacuum or something.

And don’t talk too much, make sure you focus on the doctor’s needs and if there is downtime, ask the Office Manager if there is anything that needs to be done, like tidying up a cabinet or scanning docs.

3.  Act as if you already work there

Jump right in.  Greet patients, answer phones, type notes.  Show them that you can take initiative and want to work.  They want to see that you want to be there and that you aren’t just dead weight.  And if in doubt on what to do, just ask.

4.  Make sure they know you want the job at the end of the day.

When you are confirming your hours and getting paid at the end of the day, make sure to vocalize how much you enjoyed yourself.  Ask if there is any feedback on your performance or if there are any reservations about hiring you.

If there are, try to overcome them or offer the office another day that you can do a 2nd working interview.

But if it simply wasn’t a good fit, thank them politely for the opportunity and part as friends.

5. Follow up with a thank you card or email.

Some offices offer the job at the end of the working interview, some don’t.  In either case, a simple card or email thanking them for the opportunity leaves a wonderful impression on them.

Not sure what to write?  We got you. Here are two simple blurbs you can use.

If they offered you the position:

Dear Dr. Smith and team, 

Thank you for such a great day on my working interview.  I am so excited to be starting with your office on insert start date.  You and your staff are exactly what I was looking for on my job search and I know we are going to make a great team!  

Thank you for this amazing opportunity and I will see you soon!


Your Name

If you weren’t offered the position but were informed they would be in touch shortly:

Dear Dr. Smith and team, 

Thank you for such a great day on my working interview.  The positive energy and teamwork of your practice was amazing to see, and I would love to be apart of it.  As mentioned in my interview, my quality patient care and experience would fit right in with your practice.  

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to be working with your team soon!


Your Name 

Please make sure to send a thank you email or card after every interview.  It is such a nice touch and moves your application right to the top of the list.  

So there you have it.  I hope this post helps put your nerves at ease and you nail your working interview!

Ready to put your new working interview skills to the test?  New jobs are posted daily!