6 financial tips for Dental Professionals out of work due to the Coronavirus.

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Since the California Dental Association (CDA), sent out a message urging California dental practices to “voluntarily suspend nonessential or non-urgent dental care for the next 14 days,” dental practices across the state have been closing.

This has left many Dental Assistants, Hygienists and front office staff without pay.  Making this already scary time, even scarier.

We are not Financial Advisors, so none of this is legal advice, but we did some research and here are

 6 financial tips for Dental Professionals out of work due to the Coronavirus.

 #1 File for Unemployment

 If your hours are reduced or cut due to the coronavirus you can file an unemployment claim to assist during the time you are not working.

The EDD’s website states, “Workers who are temporarily unemployed due to COVID-19 and expected to return to work with their employer within a few weeks are not required to actively seek work each week. However, they must remain able, available, and ready to work during their unemployment for each week of benefits claimed and meet all other eligibility criteria.”

 #2 Evaluate your bills

 Cancel all the subscriptions you don’t need. This includes:

  •  Cable
  • Home phone
  • Gym membership
  • Subscription services like Stitch Fix
  • Any Apps that have a recurring monthly charge.

 Call your other bills and defer or ask to temporarily lower payments this included:

  •  Rent/Mortgage
  • Car Payment
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Cell Phone
  • Internet

 Call your insurance companies (Home, Renters, Car & Health) and ask if there is any assistance in your policy for pandemics causing loss of income.

 #3 Find Work

 Look for additional ways to make money until your Dental Practice reopens. This could be:

  • Babysitting – Hospital,  grocery store and pharmaceutical workers still have to work, but they most likely no longer have childcare.  Offer your services online through your community Facebook group or your Nextdoor app.  However, be mindful of the current COVID-19 concerns and follow CDC guidelines.
  • Food delivery/Groceries – Although there are companies offering these services, many of the elderly folks who are at the highest risk, don’t know how to use them.  For a small fee, offer to do their shopping for them.
  • Continue working in your practice – Ask your dentist if you could still report to the office for work.  Offer to do a deep DEEP clean of the practice. Or Inventory.  If you are a front office worker, offer to call on insurance claims, so the practice is still getting income even while not seeing patients.
  • Temp – A lot of offices are closed, but some are remaining open and need temps.  Set up your DirectDental profile, input your temp availability and make sure to respond quickly when a temp request comes your way.

 #4 Stay Informed

 Every day new developments are coming out from our government with how to help those who are being financially impacted by this.  Part of your morning routine should be to do a quick google search of California Financial Resources Coronavirus, or something along those lines, to see what is available to assist you during this time.

#5 Know your resources

 Here are some useful links to help you in while your office is closed.

California Unemployment EDD Site- Coronavirus Assistance
California Dental Association Coronavirus Updates
Free Meals for Children
Employment Laws around Coronavirus
Dental Temp Work
Other useful tips if you can’t make ends meet

 We will also do our best to keep you up-to-date on employment in the dental field.  So check our blog often.

 #6 Don’t Panic

 Yes, this is scary, but everyone is in it.  Your landlord will not be able to evict you. Creditors will have to deal with the fact that everyone owes them money.  Schools, food banks and restaurants will find ways to keep children fed. And work will be back soon. So during this time be kind, help others, wash your hands and love one another.

 We hope this helps!  And if you have any other ways to help your fellow Dental Professionals, please leave them in the comments.