5 Tips for Dental Professionals to Prepare for the Future

by | Apr 21, 2020 | COVID-19, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienists, Dental Job, Dental Office, Dental Professionals, New Job, Temporary Hire | 1 comment

In another post, we laid out the predictions that dentists have in regard to the future of density post coronavirus.

In this post, we want to make sure you are ready to get back to work regardless of what the future holds.

So, here are:

5 tips for dental professionals to prepare for the future.

#1 Reach out to your current employer

This should be an honest conversation with no judgments or emotions (remember your dentist/employer is also going through a tough time).  Ask them what their thoughts are. Do they plan to run limited hours or shifts? Do they plan to run a skeleton crew? If so, are you included? It’s ok to ask them if you can expect your job back or if you should start getting ready to look for work elsewhere.  Depending on their answer should determine your next step.

#2 Get ready to start temping.

If your office is bring you back great!  But if the hours will be limited you are going to want to temp to make up your income.  The EDD should still be offering payment for limited hours, but it’s better if you prefer to work. Go to DirectDental and complete your profile.  For more tips on temping success read: How to Dental Temp Like a Pro.

#3 Get your Resume in Order

If your dentist can’t promise you your job back, or even if they do, just be ready to start looking for work.  Get your resume in order.  Start reaching out to your previous employers and coworkers to see if they have any openings or need a temp to manage the expected surge of patients. And again, finish your profile on DirectDental and all other job searching platforms.  Having a complete profile will move you up to the top of the list for job applications and will make hiring offices want to meet you!

#4 Be prepared to interview like you have never interviewed before.

Ok, that sounds aggressive, but what I mean is most offices will be doing phone and video interviews to prescreen candidates before inviting them into the office.  The “new normal” for dental practices will be to limit the number of persons in the office at any given time, this will mean doing very few in-person interviews and if you are invited in, be prepared to wear PPE and to have your temperature checked.

#5 Don’t wait.

The bottom line, we don’t know for sure what the job market will look like for dental professionals.  Be looking for work early and often.  Like, right now.  Have all your affairs in order so as soon as you receive a job offer you can accept and start right away. Make sure the settings on your DirectDental profile are set up so you get notifications as soon as a job is opened in your area. Be flexible with the dentist on your pay, benefits, and schedule.  And just be ready to work!

Remember, you are not alone.  We hope this helps and that we are all back to work soon!