Why Dental Professionals should be looking for work NOW.

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Are you a Dental Assistant or Hygienist that has been laid off due to the mandated shutdown?

Are you unsure of when you plan to return to work or start applying for new positions?

Do you have the means to start work right away, but unsure of where to start or whether it is safe?

May we make a suggestion?  Start your job search now!

In this post we will address, why looking for a new job now will pay off huge in the long run. Here is a sneak peak.

  1. Increase your odds of getting hired.
  2. Make sure you have a job before EVERYONE starts looking for work.
  3. Get more say in how the practice is ran.

If that got your attention, I suggest you read on and see why you should be looking NOW!

Increase your odds of getting hired.

Let’s chat about how applying and interviewing for jobs just as dental offices are reopening can increase your odds of getting hired. 

You may have the ability to decide when you want to look for work, however dental practices don’t have that luxury.  When they need to hire they need to hire.  And many of them needed to hire YOU yesterday. 

They are reopening their practices to find that their assistant, hygienist and front office staff are unable to return. As much as the office would love to wait for their staff, they cant as they have patients eagerly wanting treatment.

Unfortunately for dental practices,  they are finding it incredibly challenging to find qualified staff because many dental professionals haven’t started looking for work yet.

This means, very little competition and direct access to a dentist that is desperate to interview and hire you!

See how that works?  The lower the number of applicants, the better your chances of getting the job. 

Who doesn’t like those odds?

Make sure you have a job before everyone starts looking

On the other side of increasing your odds of getting hired, when the schools/daycares reopen and benefits run out, A LOT of dental professionals are going to start looking for work.

And most will find that unfortunatly, there isn’t much work to be had. The offices that are hiring now are rebuiliding thier teams and will still most likley be running a skeleton crew to keep thier employees and patients safe.

Many dentists are predicting that there will be a job shortage in the dental field come August. We haven’t seen that since 2008, so don’t wait till then to start looking or you might end up being a little fish in a huge sea of applicants.

Get more say in how the practice is ran.

If safety is your biggest concern, then start looking for work now.

The assistants, hygienists and front office staff that are part of the original reopening crew, will get to help the doctor implement the systems needed to protect you and your patients.

To have this much say in how your practice is ran, is rare, but dentists are new at this too, so they will need your guidance and expertise in your position to put these new processes in place.

I hope this post made it clear why you shouldn’t wait to find a new job.

There are offices that need to hire now, so make the most of it and set up or update your DirectDental profile and start working today!