We are making your search for Assistants and Hygienists simple with No Placement Fees.

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So… you are up and running and actively seeking dental professionals to work permanently or temporarily in your practice. 

Right now can be a very tricky and challenging time to find candidates as many are not quite ready to return to work.  However there are some great candidates out there and DirectDental has been working around the clock to simplify your hiring process to get you fully staffed.  You might have already discovered some of these features on your own, but if not, here is a quick list of all the updates we have made recently.  

#1 No Placement or Daily Temp Fees

You read that correctly. We took our staffing process, moved it online and we are giving it to you for a low monthly membership. It’s a simple and affordable service option with no contracts or commitments. Now you can have temps return to your office as much as you like or even hire them permanently and you don’t have to worry about any placement fees! Woohoo!

#2 ZipRecruiter Boost, Google Jobs & Social Media

Whenever you post a job on DirectDental it gets posted on Ziprecruiter automatically.  And then Ziprecruiter sends your job out to the 100+ job boards it works with.

Your job also shows up on Google Jobs and our Social Media sites to increase the amount of active job seekers who see your position!

And if you didn’t already know this, whenever you post your job on DirectDental all candidates that match your position get notified.  Getting your job in front of even more potential candidates who could be seeking a new opportunity.

To get this visibility we offer an Essential Plan with monthly, quarterly or annual memberships giving you access to these job boards for as low at $19/month!  

#3 Easily track candidates

We added some awesome features to make tracking your favorite candidates easier than ever. 

  1. Stay in touch with your favorite temps and candidates
  • Next time you are viewing a candidate profile that you like, click on the little heart to the right of their name.  That will mark them as a favorite and they will show up more frequently in your search results.  
  • If you want to review all your favorites at a glance, head to our “Search Candidates” Page and in the filters column mark the “Show Favorites” circle and all your favorites will appear. 
  • No longer like someone?  Remove them from your favorites by clicking the heart again.  And they will be removed. 
  • This feature is designed to help you fill your temp requests at lightening speed since all your favorite temps will be right at your fingertips.  We call this your temp bench and you can read more about the benefits here
  1. Easily keep track of applications and invited candidates.
  • Right after you post a job the next thing you should do is search and invite candidates to apply.  It is a great way to get your favorite candidates to apply right away.  
  • Once you have invited candidates, keep track of those invites under “Manage Jobs”, when you click into applications, you can toggle between “My Applicants” and “Invitations Sent”.  
  • If your job isn’t getting the candidates you want CALL US!  We can review your job with you, strategize and come with a plan to get you some great applicants.   
  1. Keep Notes
  • You can now add notes in each candidate’s profile to keep track of all your interactions with them.  Most candidate tracking systems cost $70+/month and they don’t include unlimited job posts.  We built DirectDental to give you total control of your hiring needs.  

Below is an example of how I keep track of my interactions with a candidate.  

6/3/2020– Called and left a voicemail, interested in Pacific Beach Dental Assistant Job. 
6/3/2020 – She called back, had a great phone interview, scheduled a working interview for 6/8. She is asking for $19/hr. Agreed on $17/hr for working interview. 
6/8/2020 – Had a great working interview, will review with the Doctor about making an offer. 
6/9/2020– Presented Offer and she accepted!  Putting in her two week notice today and will start 6/24.   

#4 We have the candidates

This is a very difficult time for hiring, and to increase your chances of hiring the best candidates, you need to have your job in front of as many qualified candidates as possible.  

Direct Dental Staffing has been working in the dental community for 18 years and we have transitioned most of the dental professionals we work with onto DirectDental.  

We recently ran our numbers against Indeed and we have a comparable number of dental professionals including front/back office assistants and dental hygienists on our site.  

Which, if I may say, is pretty awesome!

#5 We offer a personalized small business touch. 

Well… this isn’t anything new, but I wanted to remind you that DirectDental is a small, family run business.  And we treat all our clients and professionals with care and respect.  

If you have any questions or need to talk with someone.  Call us and we will be happy to assist. 

We also offer additional services for those seeking more assistance in their hiring process.  

Please check out our Boosted Or Full Service plans.

We look forward to getting you staffed!