What Dental Professionals should do when unemployment benefits stop

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The additional $600/week in unemployment benefits expire on July 31st, 2020 and any type of extension is still being debated. This uncertainty is bound to cause some financial stress for many dental professionals that have needed these benefits. While it’s possible the federal government extends boosted unemployment it will most likely be a lower amount in the future.

In this post we put together some resources and tips to help you out.  So keep reading to find out:

What Dental Professionals should do when unemployment benefits run out.

#1 Make sure your financials are in order. 

We published this blog post for dental assistants, hygienists and front office staff right when the dental practices were advised to shut down. It explains what Dental Professionals should do when they lose their job.  Shortly after, the CARES act came through so I am assuming not everyone did all the steps.  I advise you read the post and follow through with all the steps to make sure you are all in good shape.  

#2 Unemployment wont completely stop

With Pandemic Unemployment Assistance you can keep receiving benefits until Dec 26, 2020, so you have plenty of time to look for work without your income completely stopping.  It does look like it is industry specific which leads me to my next tip.

#3 Be thankful you are in dentistry

An article released in June said that 10% of all jobs added to the economy were in dental.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if that number has continued to grow.  On DirectDental over a thousand jobs have been added since June 1st and more jobs are added daily. 

The point being is we are in an amazing field and the jobs are there.  You simply need to start applying.  

#4 Temp,Gig work and/or affiliate

Not ready to jump right into a full time position?  

There could be many factors holding you back.  Kids schooling at home. Fear of infecting a loved one. Whatever the case may be, the gig economy is going strong and it might just allow you the flexibility you need to keep your financials in order while taking care of yourself and your family members. 

At DirectDental we made it easy to let offices know you are available to work and we made it even easier for you to search for temp jobs.  

This short video shows you how.

You can also do other non dental gig jobs like Instacart, Taskrabbit and more. 

And you can earn money with affiliate programs. Search affiliate programs in areas you are interested in.  Apply and once approved you get a special link that you can post in various places; your blog, your social media, email it to your friends, etc.  When someone clicks on that link and buys you get paid!  

DirectDental started their own affiliate program.  You get 15% of any purchases from a referred office for a whole year!

For example, if you refer DirectDental to an office and they sign up for a monthly membership plan, every time they make a purchase or their plan renews, you get 15% of that for 12 whole months. 

To sign up for our affiliate program click here.

Bottom Line

It might seem scary that unemployment benefits are going away, but luckily, we are in a field that is recovering quickly and the jobs are there.  Start applying for jobs now, and be prepared for a quick interview process.  Until your start, get your finances in order, find temp or gig work and be thankful our industry is coming back faster and stronger than a lot of other industries.  

Ready to start looking for temporary or permanent work?