Dental Temp Onboarding Checklist

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Dental Professionals are back to work and many are looking to temp!  Which is AWESOME for dental practices.  

Now you can quickly hire a dental assistant, hygienist or front office personnel for a day if someone is to call out sick or you have a surge of patients and you need the extra help.  

Whatever the reason there are many temps available to hire on DirectDental.  

As a reminder, in the state of California you are to employ and pay a temp directly.  And you need all the legal documentation to do so. 

In other states, the temps could be employed by an agency, but a hefty markup fee comes with that, so if you plan to “employ” your temp directly, you need to stay compliant with your local employment laws.  

We consulted with HR professionals to create a… 

Dental Temp Onboarding Checklist 

Once a temp request is accepted, call the temp to confirm:

  • Day(s)
  • Start and End time
  • Address
  • Parking info
  • Attire
  • Any additional info you need from them.
  • They bring the necessary licenses and certifications for their position.
  • They bring 2 forms of ID so you can add them to payroll.
  • They have the skills you need to properly assist you.
  • Their rate of pay.

Once they arrive at your office for work: 

  • Verify Certifications/licenses are current and make copies
  •  I-9  
  • W-4  
  • State tax withholding  
  • Emergency contact information  
  • Job description  
  • Handbook  
  • Confidentiality and Non-disclosure  
  • Paychecks/direct deposit  
  • Wage Notice (if applicable in your state)  
  • HBV declination (if applicable)  
  • Sick Leave Notice (if applicable in your state/county/city)

Once all paperwork has been filled out:

  • Show them where they can put their stuff and take their break.
  • Give them a tour of the office and make sure to show them where the supplies are and if there are any quirky machines. 
  • Show them where the bathrooms are.
  • Introduce them to the staff.
  • Review the schedule with them in great detail.
  • Let them know who they should go to with questions or concerns. 
  • Let them know who to check out with at the end of the day.
  • Make sure they get paid correctly

If you would like to download this checklist you can do so here

For more tips on having success with a dental temp read this

Please NOTE: This is NOT legal advice, this is a suggestion.  Consult with your HR specialist or employment lawyer to ensure you are compliant in your city and state.  Don’t have an HR specialist?  We recommend CEDR HR.  They do give us a small referral fee for sending you their way.  

Lastly, here is our super easy, step by step instructions on how to request a temp (DON’T FORGET TO DO STEP 4).  

Lesson 3: Request a Temp

Ok you are all set to start requesting temps!  Have Fun!