5 reasons to keep your Candidate profile active after you found a job

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So you found a job and now you no longer need your DirectDental profile, right?  WRONG!

Even once you have landed your dream job, there are still many benefits to keeping your DirectDental profile active and up-to-date.  Here are:

5 Reasons to keep your Candidate Profile active after you a found a job.

#1 Stay in the know

If you are a dental assistant or a dental hygienist, staying active on DirectDental will allow you to see what other offices in your area are offering in regards to pay and benefits.  This gives you some leverage if you need to negotiate a raise

If you are an office manager, keeping your profile up to date, allows you to see what the job posts in your area are so you can inform your doctor of what offers should be made if you need to hire.  

#2 Quickly access temp shifts

Accidents and emergencies happen.  Sometimes your doctor has to take off on short notice, closing the office, and leaving you without pay.  If that happens, simply log into DirectDental and quickly search for temp shifts to fill your schedule and keep your wallet happy.  

#3 Easily keep track of your past temp shift and work history

When tax time comes around you need to make sure you get W-2’s from all the dental offices where you were a dental temp or had working interviews.  Even if you only had a few working interviews the year prior, it is doubtful you remember where it was.  That is why DirectDental keeps track of your temp assignments for you.  

How to find your previous work is easy.  Head to your Dashboard => Click “View Jobs and Requests” => click “My Jobs”.  

This shows you the dates, names and contact details of every temp job you worked through DirectDental. 

Some of our temps make sure their request to temp is always processed through the site so they are able to easily keep track of their shifts.

#4 It’s an online business card/resume that follows you everywhere

 Let’s say you are at a coffee shop and you start chatting with the gal in front of you.  Only to discover that she is a dentist.  You two really click and she suggests that you send over your resume.  

Ugh, now you have to run home, find your word doc that has your most updated resume and then make sure it attaches correctly to your email, and that you don’t mess up her email address when you try to send it.  

OR, while you are still talking to her, simply log into your DirectDental profile, click the email icon under “Share Profile” and input her email address.  Viola!  Now she has your perfectly updated, online resume.  

#5 Always have access to your docs

If you completed your profile, you should have uploaded your documents. Below is a list of the documents you should upload to complete your profile.  

Dental Assistant: California Radiation (x-ray), 8-hour infections control, California Practice Act, CPR

Registered Dental Assistant: RDA license, CPR

Registered Dental Hygienist: RDH license, CPR

These documents let office’s know you can legally work in their practice.  

Now, going back to our coffee shop dentist you met, you two connect and she has you come in to work in her office for a day.  

You get there and realize you didn’t bring your documents.  Again, not a problem, log into our profile, download them and send them on over!  It’s all good!

So there you have.  5 very important reasons why you should keep your DirectDental profile active and up to date, even after you find your dream job.