Politics in Your Dental Practice: Preventing Political Tension at Work

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This weeks post comes from our friends at CEDR HR. CEDR HR is provides Human Resources services for dental practices throughout the US. They have kindly given us this post to give you the tools you need should this tense political climate seep into your office. We highly suggest you read it now, so you know exactly what to do as things heat up these next few days.

Prevent Political Blowups at Your Dental Practice

The nation is more divided than ever, yet conversations about politics are creeping into the workplace more and more. And this is especially true now that we find ourselves in a tense and contentious election cycle.

It should be possible for coworkers to keep discourse about any subject civil while at work, even when they disagree. But, when conversations get personal, it can have troubling effects on morale and productivity, and could cause rifts in working relationships that were otherwise, well, working. 

Plus, when political discussions stray into the territory of protected classes, that can even present legal problems for employers.

Your Role as a Business Owner / Manager

As a people manager, it is your responsibility to create and maintain a workplace that is free from hostility, intimidation, and discrimination for all of your employees.

That means making sure that your employees understand: 

  • Your expectations regarding the civility of conversations at work.
  • What it means to cross the line from expressing an opinion or making a joke into the realm of potential harassment.
  • Your company’s harassment policies.
  • How to report concerns to management, should one arise.

To help you get through this election cycle with your team and their working relationships intact, the HR experts at CEDR HR Solutions have compiled their best guidance on managing employees with disparate political views in their latest blog, including insights on the legal considerations associated with limiting political speech in the workplace, and tips to help managers prevent blowups between employees.

Read the Full Blog Here!

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