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A few helpful tips when posting your job ad.

#1 – This is a job ADVERTISEMENT – the point of the ad is to get the hygienists attention and get them to act on it (apply). You want to make your practice stand out and entice them to apply by listing a competitive pay rate, benefits and how great your office is.

#2 – Know what they like – Below is a list of what hygienists like and how to market that. If you don’t offer this, simply leave it off of the ad.

  • Flexibility – Most hygienists are only looking to work part time and many like to work at multiple offices. If you need a fulltime hygienist – try being open to hiring 2 or more part time hygienists and post that in your ad. On the template you can see a great example of this.
  • 1 hour recare exams – It is also impossible to find a hygienist willing to do less than an hour recare exams. If you offer hour long recare make sure you post that in your ad. That is what they want to see.
  • Happy employees – they want to see you have happy employees, so maybe note how long your team has been with you or include a quote from one of your team members.
  • Great pay – This is an employees market. There are more hygiene jobs than there are hygienists. So make sure your pay is competitive (a quick job search in your area will tell you that) and then make sure that is big and bold at the top. If you can’t offer competitive pay, try to leave it off. But make sure you abide by the pay transparency laws in your area.

#3 – Know what to avoid – avoid terms like Rockstar and work hard play hard. Those terms are considered “Red Flags” among the hygiene blogs and chat groups. Also don’t include if your hygiene appts are less than an hour.

#4 – Keep job title simple. This for search results – Hygienists are searching for “Registered Dental Hygienist”, ” Dental Hygienist” or “Hygienist” they are NOT searching for “Amazingly awesome hygienist.” So keep it simple to increase the amount of search results you show up in.

Here is an almost perfect Hygiene Template that has yielded my clients many strong applicants. You can download it as a word doc here or just copy it from below. I hope it helps!

Registered Dental Hygienist Job Template

Full Time or Part Time Dental Hygienist – $50 to $55/hr + Benefits

We are a dentist-owned practice where we strongly believe in treating our employees and patients with care and respect. We are currently looking for an experienced Registered Dental Hygienist.  

Ideal candidate must have an active Registered Dental Hygienist License (Required). A minimum of 2+ years of experience is preferred however we are open to all experience levels, new grads welcome to apply. Familiarity with Dentrix dental software would be helpful but is not required. 

1 hour per patient recare appointments. 1 hour lunch.

Compensation: $50-$55/hr + Medical, Dental, 401k, Paid Time Off*

*Some benefits limited to full time employees only. 

Schedule: Monday-Thursday from 8am-5pm*

*If you can work one of more of these days please apply!

Duties for our Registered Dental Hygienist include:

  • Providing dental health education about tooth care and diet
  • Removing plaque and calculus by scaling and polishing teeth
  • Taking impressions and/or dental radiographs of teeth
  • Applying prophylactic/antibacterial materials, fissure sealants, and topical fluorides to help prevent tooth decay
  • Carrying out screening and monitoring procedures

We can’t wait to meet you, apply today!

Download our Registered Dental Hygienist Job Template Word Doc.


Holli Perez


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