Your Dental Office’s Marketing Guide for May

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Yes, you MAY have a successful month.  With these marketing tools to make this your best May yet!  

Dental Holidays:

Save Your Tooth Month – This month is all about focusing on saving natural teeth.  Talk with your patients about the benefits of caring for their teeth, and make sure to give your referred Endodontist some love.  

Root Canal Day May 12th (2nd Wednesday of May) – Motivate your treatment coordinator to get those pending root canals on the schedule by offering a bonus or prize if she gets a target number scheduled.  Send your Endodontist friends some extra love today.  

Major Holidays/Celebrations:

Cinco De Mayo (May 5) – Although technically a Mexican holiday, America has taken it over as an excuse to drink.  Write a blog post about “Teeth Friendly Cocktails” and email it out on your newsletter to your patients.  Make sure to post the blog on your social media and use the hashtags : #cincodemayo #cocktails #teeth #smiles #celebrate.

Mother’s Day (May 8) – Honor all the mothers in your practice by offering a raffle!  In your newsletter tell your patients to write a review about how well your practice took care of them or their mothers or children.  Whoever writes a review will be entered into a raffle to win an amazing mothers day package (brunch somewhere awesome or a spa day at a nearby hotel).  Draw the winner on that Friday before Mother’s Day and make sure to tag them on Social Media! Use hashtags #Mothersday #weloveyoumom #smile 

Memorial Day (May 30th) – Just enjoy this holiday.  It’s always been one of my favorites! 

May Daily Holidays and Observances

  • May 1: May Day, Mother Goose Day, Law Day, Make a Book Day, World Laughter Day (first Sunday)
  • May 2: Sibling Appreciation Day, Teacher Appreciation Day (Tuesday of first full week)
  • May 3: Sun Day, Kite Day
  • May 4: Intergalactic Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), National Weather Observers Day
  • May 5: Museum Lovers Day, Cartoonist Day, National Day of Reason (first Thursday)
  • May 6: No Homework Day, International Space Day (first Friday), Tuba Day (first Friday)
  • May 7: Space Day (first Saturday)
  • May 8: Mother’s Day, V E Day
  • May 9: National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, Peter Pan Day
  • May 10: Windmill Day
  • May 11: Eat What You Want Day
  • May 12: Root Canal Day, Limerick Day, International Migratory Bird Day
  • May 13: Frog Jumping Day, Tulip Day, Blame Someone Else Day (first Friday 13th of the year)
  • May 14: Star Wars Day, Stars and Stripes Forever Day
  • May 15: International Day of Families, Over the Rainbow Day
  • May 16: Biographer’s Day
  • May 17: World Telecommunications Day
  • May 18: International Museum Day
  • May 20: Endangered Species Day (third Friday)
  • May 21: Armed Forces Day (third Saturday)
  • May 22: National Maritime Day
  • May 23: World Turtle Day
  • May 24: Scavenger Hunt Day
  • May 25: Nerd or Geek Pride Day
  • May 30: Memorial Day (last Monday)

Popular Hashtags to use in May:

#May #MayFlowers #spring #springtime #saveyourtoothmonth #saveyourtooth #rootcanalday #cincodemayo #happycincodemayo #tequila #mothersday #happymothersday #mom #memorialday #happymemorialday #dentistry #dentist #dental #smile #odontologia #dentista #teeth #cosmeticdentistry #dentistryworld #dentalphotography #tooth #orthodontics #dentalcare #dentistrylife #dentalimplants #odonto #dentalhygienist #veneers #oralhealth #dentalstudent #dentalclinic #dentistlife #teethwhitening #dentalassistant #dentalhygiene #oralsurgery #smilemakeover #endodontics #odontologiaestetica #bhfyp #dentalhumor #healthyliving #toothbrush #healthyteeth #happyteeth #maythe4thbewithyou #maythefourthbewithyou #maytheforcebewithyou

Other Marketing Ideas for April: 

  1. Keep marketing directly to your local small businesses. 
  2. Write a blog and email out to your patients about teeth friendly cocktails and foods. 
  3. Write a blog and email it out to your patients about teeth and motherhood.  This could be multiple posts that include: 
    1. How to properly care for your children’s teeth
    2. How to brush a wiggly toddlers teeth, 
    3. Ways to pamper your mother’s teeth
    4. The effects pregnancy and motherhood has on women’s teeth.  
  4. Create a Mother’s Day Goodie bag that includes high-end floss and an eclectic toothbrush and offer it at a discounted price so your patients can treat their mothers to good oral health.

There is your May Marketing Toolkit.  If you have any other great ideas to market dental practices in the month of May, make sure to leave it in the comments!  


Holli Perez

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