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Hey all, 

This post is going to be short and sweet.  I just wanted you to know about some updates Indeed is making and how these updates can affect your posts with DirectDental. 

As you know, DirectDental posts your job to pretty much every major job board, including Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Google Jobs, Monster, Career Builder, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and more.  However, the majority of applicants come from DirectDental directly or Indeed.  

So we felt it was necessary to update you one the changes Indeed is making.  

#1 They are requiring pay rates to be attached to the job

This comes with several states and major cities now making it law that pay rates are included in job posting.  

This doesn’t mean that you have to post your pay rate when posting to DirectDental (although highly recommended, as job posting withOUT pay get 32% less applicants than jobs that post pay).  But, if you don’t, Indeed will attach an “Estimated Pay” to your job posting.  We haven’t quite gotten the details of how they are going to come up with this “Estimated Pay” but if you ever used the Indeed Salary Estimator link, you will see that the salary is usually lower than what is being offered in the field. 

So if you don’t put a pay rate, a lower salary could be attached by Indeed, and that will definitely decrease the amount of applicants you get.  

Bottom Line – Just include your pay rate and make sure it is competitive. 

#2 They are decreasing job post radiuses 

We have gotten many complaints about this and we are so happy that Indeed is finally agreeing to do this. 

What this means: All DirectDental jobs get marketed within a 20 mile radius of your office (or zip code if you marked your job confidential).  This is to avoid people with a long commute applying to your job.  However, what Indeed did was if a zipcode fell into your 20 mile radius, they would advertise the job to that entire zipcode.  So sometimes you would get applicants that were 40 miles away.  

It was extremely frustrating, but after many complaints, they have finally agreed to reel that in and honor the 20 mile radius.  Yay!

Bottom Line: This is a good thing.

And that is it.  Those are the two big changes Indeed is making.  

After reading this, you might be asking, why post to DirectDental instead of Indeed directly.  Great question, let me tell you. 

#1 We buy clicks in bulk

Indeed charges you per click.  So you basically have to give them your credit card, tell them how much you want to spend (but they make this very confusing and many offices complain about being overcharged) and then they try to get you as many clicks as possible.  This doesn’t mean clicks from qualified applicants, or clicks from people that are going to actually apply.  This just mean clicks.  Someone clicked on your job and you were charged for it.  

Usually a dental office that is just posting one job with a budget of $200 is paying about $3 to $4 per click.  However, we buy an enormous amount of clicks from Indeed and we average around $.05 to $.20 per click. And then we pass those savings onto you.  

#2 Dental recruiters on call

When you are a DirectDental client, you can call us at any time and speak to one of our recruiters.  It’s usually me :).  We are more than happy to review your job post with you and give you all the tips and tricks you need to hire a dental assistant, hygienist or front office dental personnel.  And we do this at no additional charge.  We just want you to be successful in hiring. 

#3 Flat fee covers everything

Going back to point number one, where with Indeed, you enter in a budget and Indeed eats away at that budget.  We don’t do that.  We offer a flat monthly fee and that covers you for unlimited job posts, temp requests and candidate browsing.  

#4 We are a small family business

Many people are shocked to find out that we are a small company.  But we are a wife and husband team, with a super awesome web developer for a partner.  And we operate with a very lean, motivated and amazing team.  So if you prefer to work with a small friendly company where your business is eternally appreciated then work with us.  

Please feel free to reach out with any questions about these changes that Indeed is making.  We are more than happy to help you navigate.  


Holli Perez

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