How Social Media Can Grow Your Dental Practice

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This posts comes from our friend, Dr. Ruben Montané from R & M Media Marketing. R & M Media Marketing is a social media marketing agency where they help business owners add an extra $20k-$30k per month to their bottom line with paid advertising with up to 60 days of ad management for FREE!

What can social media marketing can do for your business?

Social media marketing is getting exposure to your business through ads. This is done by getting your ads seen by the people who are specifically looking for your business. To have success and to grow your revenue you may want to think about these three things:

1.) The Bait

First, create an irresistible offer to get new patients coming through the door. When you have an offer that people just can’t refuse, it creates an avalanche of new business so that you can quickly increase your revenue.
Ideas for great offers are -All new patients in the month of October will be entered into a drawing for a free Oral B toothbrush. Free x rays with your first exam and cleaning.Free whitening kit for all new patients.

2.) The Marketing

Next, ensure that your ads get in front of your ideal clients so that you don’t waste money.This step includes things such as copywriting, graphics and advanced targeting strategies.  This can be a little tricky and why working with a team who knows the ins and outs of social media marketing is the best bet for success.

3.) The Management

Now that your ads are consistently getting in front of your ideal clients and new customers are coming through the door in droves, you will have to manage your ads to continue to have success.  This looks like:

a. Daily monitoring of the metrics.
b. Making changes to ad dynamics as needed.

And again, a lot of this can be managed by outsourcing your social media marketing to professionals.

You can get started by creating your own business profile on Facebook and run your ads through the back office of Facebook or you can hire us at R & M Media Marketing and we can do it all for you.
Go here to schedule your call and get started with us.

Once you increase your number of new patients, make sure you head to to hire the additional teams members you are going to need!


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