In the last couple of years, we have seen more dental hygienists, dental assistants and front office dental personnel turn to temping.  And that is because there are many benefits to being a temp in the dental field.  

If you haven’t temped before, this post will discuss why you should temp and how to be successful as a temp.  

For the last few years, DirectDental has made finding temporary or permanent work easier than ever.  And if you haven’t temped with us, this post gives you some great insight into finding work through our platform.  

Here are reasons you should look into becoming a dental temp. 

1) Fill gaps in your work schedule

If you are between jobs, your office isn’t open 5 days a week or your office is closing for vacation, temping allows you to make money on those days you aren’t working.  And with the cost of everything being so expensive, picking up an extra shift can make a huge difference.  

2) Get to meet great practices and people

Dental temps always say one of their favorite things about temping is getting to see all different types of dental practices and meeting all the wonderful people that work there.  You will be able to make connections that last a lifetime! You don’t get that if you stay in one office all day every day!

3) No long term commitment 

Let’s face it, working for one office every day is not for everyone.  If you like to travel or take time off to help your family, temping allows you to work on the days you want to work and enjoy the time off when you need it, guilt free.  Um… where do I sign up?

4) Make your own schedule

You decide when and where you want to work.  DirectDental will send you temp requests and you accept or decline.  You have absolute control!

5) Flexible pay

With your DirectDental Profile, you input the pay you want.  If an office is offering more, feel free to accept the higher pay!

6) Build relationships with dental practices

You can build your own weekly temp business by building relationships with the practices that find you on DirectDental.

7) Temping can turn into a permanent position

Offices you find on DirectDental hire you directly, if you love the office and they love you, accept the position!!

Ready to leap into your new career as a dental temp, but don’t know where or how to start.  Keep reading!

How to find temp shifts on DirectDental 

Sign up with DirectDental– Make sure to mark “Temp” as your availability and include the days you can work on your temp calendar.  Make sure all your contact information is correct and your settings allow us to contact you via email and phone.  

Once that is complete, you will show up in temp results that match your profile and dental offices can request you for temp shifts.  You will be notified via text message when you have been requested and you can accept or decline the shift right from your phone.  

We also allow you to search and apply for temp work.  This video, needs to be updated, but it will show you how to search for temp jobs from your phone.  However, rather than clicking “Sort by” then “Temp-Soonest available” you will click “Select Date” and pick the day you want to temp. 

Now that you found a temp job, let’s get prepared. 

The Nuts and Bolts of Temping

Once you accept a temp shift, make sure you are prepared. Call the office as soon as you accept the shift and discuss all of these items with them.

  • Confirm the Shift Date(s)

  • Start and End time

  • Address

  • Parking info

  • Attire

  • Your pay rate

DirectDental requires that all dental offices pay their dental temps following their local labor laws.  In California, this is how dental temps are to be paid

No matter your location or what your labor laws state, here are the items we suggest you bring to your shift. 

  1. A w4 – This lets the office know how much to withhold in taxes.

  2. An i9 – This allows the office to show proof that you are legally able to work in the United States.

  3. Your i9 identifications.  This can be your passport OR your driver’s license AND Social Security Card.

  4. Your licenses – If a practice is ever audited, they need to show proof that you had all the certifications to do the job they paid you to do. These can vary state to state, but for most states, here are the requirements.  

Dental Assistant: Radiation (x-ray), Infections control, CPR

Registered Dental Assistant: RDA license, CPR

Registered Dental Hygienist: RDH license, CPR

Dentists and Specialists: Dental License, Declaration page of malpractice, CPR and optionally your DEA and Rx pads.

5.  A time card – Optional, these are not required, but help you ensure you will get your paycheck and it will be accurate.  At the end of the day, give them a piece of paper that includes your full name, position worked, rate of pay, mailing address, the date you worked and the hours that you worked.

FREE printable Timesheet

Sign it and have the doctor or office manager sign.  Make a copy or snap a photo on your phone and leave the original. Now there shouldn’t be any questions about when and for how long you worked.

MOST of the time, when a check is inaccurate or late, it is because the office didn’t have clear documentation of how many hours you worked or they didn’t have your mailing address and were trying to hunt you down for the info. This free timesheet alleviates all of that!  Score!

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