8 signs you should accept that dental job offer

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With all the dental jobs currently available, it seems that many Dental Assistants, hygienists, and Front Office Dental Personnel are having a hard time committing to an office.  

While there are many dental jobs available, there is really only a handful that are absolutely perfect for you.  So I put together this list of “signs” so you know when is the right time to accept that job offer.  

#1 They have a quick decision making process

You met with the office, did a working interview, and you all meshed so well that an offer was made within a day or two of your working interview.  That is an office you want to work for. 

It means they felt they connected with you, they communicate with the team enough to make a decision quickly, and if you thought the same way about them, it’s a no-brainer, accept the job.  

#2 They have long standing employees

When you go in for an interview, find out how long the team members have been there.  If at least one of the team members has been with the office for 5+ years, it is usually a great indication that the doctor takes excellent care of their people.  

#3 They are flexible and open to negotiate

Hours for dental offices tend to be pretty rigid, and if you are the only assistant or hygienist, they really can’t let you leave early.  But have the conversation with them that, IF you have to take your kid to the doctor or need a day off for vacation, what is their plan?  If they seem flexible with getting a temp or lightening the load that day so the doctor can handle things on their own, then fantastic. You don’t want to be living in guilt if you have to take an afternoon off.  

Also, are they willing to negotiate on pay and benefits?  Now don’t get greedy, especially if they gave you what you asked for.  But feel free to ask about an attendance bonus at the end of the year if you don’t use your sick days.  If they are pretty open to that, then when you ask for a raise or some bonus PTO in the future, you know they will work with you on it.  

Not sure how to negotiate pay when offered a job.  Read this. 

#4 They were engaging during your interview

Most offices give comparative pay and benefits, so in reality, you need to be looking for a commute you can do daily and if you connect well with the doctor and team.   If your interviews with the office were highly engaging and you felt heard and appreciated, that will most likely roll into how they treat you as an employee.  

#5 No pressure to accept the job

If an office makes an offer and demands an answer right away, that is usually a pretty red flag.  So if you aren’t 100% sold on the practice and need a day to make your decision, the office should be ok with that.  If they are, then awesome.  They want to hire you, but they know they are a good enough practice to find someone else if needed.  So do your homework quickly and accept that job within 24 hours of the offer.  

#6 The size of the practice feels right

Even if the doctor is great and the team is awesome.  If the practice is too big or too small for you, you will have trouble staying long term.  Make sure you know what size practice is best for you, and if the office fits, then perfect.

Not sure what size practice you should be at?  Take this quiz and find out.  

#7 You agree with their method of dentistry

Different dentists practice dentistry differently.  

Say that 5 times fast.  

And there is no right or wrong way, as patients also prefer these different methods and often chose the dentist who treats them the way they want to be treated.  However, you have to also agree with their methods, or else you won’t ever feel comfortable.  You can easily see during 1 half-day working interview if you agree with their methods. If at any point you feel uneasy with their style, don’t accept the job.  But if your style, their style, and their patient style all match up, you are going to be a part of one unstoppable team. 

#8 You clicked with the team

Lastly, and most important.  You are going to be spending 1/3rd of your waking hours at work; you better love that team.  Meaning, if you became best friends with Sue during your working interview and she makes you look forward to going back to work at the office, then accept that job!  Because work besties are the best besties!  

There you have it, 8 signs you should accept that dental job offer.  If you can find an office that matches 6 or more of these signs, you probably found your dream job.  

Ready to start looking for your perfect dental office?  Head to DirectDental now. 


Holli Perez

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