5 Reasons to Hire Perm & Temp Staff on DirectDental.com

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Dental Office, Employer advice, Hiring, Temporary Hire | 0 comments

We are excited to introduce DirectDental.com for Dental Practice Employers! Here we’ll list 5 Reasons to Hire Perm & Temp Staff with your Dental Practice – Unlimited Membership on DirectDental.com.

First things first… What is DirectDental.com?

In a nutshell, DirectDental.com is the most efficient way to keep your Dental Practices fully staffed! As an employer, you gain direct access to local and experienced Dental Professionals who are looking for work. You can view candidate profiles, specialty experience, dental skills and availability. You can contact them in real-time to fill your open permanent & temporary positions quickly. This means whenever your office is short-staffed, you can go to DirectDental.com for direct access to Dental Professionals who are looking to work!

5 Reasons to Hire Perm & Temp Staff using DirectDental.com:

1. Truly Unlimited – Perm & Temp Staffing

Yes, that’s right – You can post unlimited jobs, view unlimited profiles & resumes, contact unlimited candidates and even request unlimited temps!

2. Real-time Communication

Connect with local and experienced dental professionals in real-time with our “Temp Now” technology and messaging features.

3. Complete Control

Know who is coming into your office and when, communicate directly with professionals, easily view their documentation and rating.

4. Keep Track

Use the DirectDental calendar to schedule your temp days and working interviews. See all your previous jobs at a glance whenever you need to.

5. Save Money

For Dental Practices, it’s just a low monthly membership fee and you receive 24/7 Unlimited Access for less than it costs to post a job on the “other job websites.” There are never any perm placement or temp fees to hire through DirectDental.com. So feel free to continue to use the temps you love or hire them permanently for your office. Hassle-free-always. Ready to get Started? Sign up today!