Everything Dental Professionals Need to Know about DirectDental

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I’m not going to use this post to bore you with how DirectDental was founded, our mission and all that good stuff.  Rather, this is going to a quick and easy read about how to find work, controlling your schedule and what we do on our end to make sure Dental Assistants, Hygienist and Dental Front Office Personnel are in safe and welcoming offices. 

So let’s dive in. 

#1 What is DirectDental?

DirectDental is an open marketplace for Dental Office to connect directly to Dental Professionals. 

We get a lot of calls from professionals saying, “I signed up but nobody reached out with temp shifts”.  However, we don’t have a middle man who connects  you with temp work.  It’s all there on the site. 

Offices can request you directly right through your profile and you can search and apply to temp jobs on the days you are available. 

#2 How do I get temp work?

The best way to get temp work is to log into the site often.  This lets our algorithm know that you mean business and then we increase the amount of search results you show up in.  This means more offices see your face and that increases the likelihood that you are to be requested for a temp shift. 

If you have a day you are available and you haven’t seen a temp request come through from an office, simply search our temp jobs. 

Go to “Search Jobs” and in the search filters input your position and under “Temp Date” put in the date you are available to work and we will show you all the temp jobs we have that day.  Then apply to the job and reach out to the office to get that shift filled. 

We also email you when a temp shift near you gets posted.  So make sure our emails aren’t going to your junk box.  You could be missing some awesome shifts. 

#3 Do You Track Shifts?

We don’t track your shifts. We don’t charge the offices by the number of times you go to their office.  In fact, DirectDental was designed to give dental temps total autonomy over their careers.  So if you find an office you love temping at, let them know you can continue temping with them, or even accept a position with them if you like.  We wont charge you or the office. 

This also means that YOU need to keep track of the offices you worked at (for tax purposes).  Please don’t call us in January asking for a list of all the offices you temped with.  We will not be able to help you.  

#4 What do you charge Job Seekers?

We are always free for Job Seekers. Always, so search for jobs and accept work as often as you need to. 

#5 How do Temps get paid?

When offices sign up on DirectDental, they agree to pay you based on the labor laws in your state.  

For California, we have this amazing post that illustrates how offices are supposed to pay their dental temps. 

Best thing to do is when you accept a temp shift, call the office and make sure you agree on pay rate and how and when you will get paid BEFORE you show up for your shift.  Having this conversion early on will avoid any awkwardness at the end of your shift.

You can also utilize this time sheet to make sure there are no errors on your paycheck.

For more info on how to have success with temping read this

#6 How do you ensure offices are warm and welcoming?

We don’t have a crystal ball, so we cant guarantee that all the offices using DirectDental will be warm and friendly.  But we do ask temps to rate offices after their shifts.  If we get two poor ratings on an office we will reach out to them to let them know they are on our watch list and give them tips to improve their score.  

If we continue to receive complaints on that office, we will remove them from the site completely.  

Reasons offices can be removed include:

  • Too many complaints about an unfriendly work environment.
  • Not paying dental temps in a timely manner (if we have to step in more than once, the office will be banned).
  • Scheduling temps and not contacting them if the shift has been canceled. 

And we ask you to help us keep our offices accountable.  So if you have a run in with an office that is less than favorable, please contact us.  

#7 Can temps or applicants be removed from the site?

Same thing goes for our temps and applicants.  If we get too many poor reviews on a temp we will contact them to let them know how to improve.  But if bad reviews continue to come in we will be forced to remove them from the site. 

Reasons you can be removed include:

  • Accepting multiple temp shifts and not showing up to them.
  • Scheduling working interviews and not showing up to them.
  • Any behavior that could be considered harassing or threatening towards the office and staff.
  • Too many complaints about your profile’s skill set not matching up to your actual skill set.  So be honest :).

Luckily, it is very rare with both offices and dental professionals that we have to remove or ban persons from the site.  Which means most of you are pretty darn awesome!

I think that answers most of the questions we get on a regular basis.  If you feel like I missed something, email me and I will get your answers addressed. 


Holli Perez

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