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The success of your job post starts with your job description. When applicants are looking for work, they are thinking “what is in it for me?” Meaning your job post must quickly and effectively illustrate how great your office is and what benefits are offered. That is what is going to have more people clicking “APPLY”!

The other thing you have to worry about is if the Job Boards like your job post.

Seems weird to think about, but Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Google, and all the other major job boards, have parameters that they want your job post to meet. The better your job post matches those parameters the more candidates they are going to show your job to.

Here are a few more tips to have success with these templates:

#1 Make them your own

Yes, these templates are designed to be copy and pasted. BUT make sure to include a little bit about your office, change the duties to match YOUR job needs, and include the benefits you offer. Google in particular wont post your job if it is too similar to the others.

#2 Make sure it gets seen

The perfect job description doesn’t do you any good if candidates don’t sees it. DirectDental publishes and boosts your job on every major job board including Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Google Jobs and many more! We then filter out the candidates that lack dental experience and give you one central hub to see all your qualified candidates.

#3 Contact your candidates quickly

You should be calling your candidates everyday. Get them in for an interview as fast as possible.

# 4 Go hunting

Sometimes the best candidates are not looking for work. So browse our candidates and invite the ones you really like to apply to your job.

#5 Hire Quickly

Yes you want to make sure you hire the right person, but the best candidates get hired FAST! So get them in for an interview right away, do a working interview as soon as possible, and if they give you the warm and fuzzies, present an offer to them before they leave at the end of the day.

I hope this post helps you find the best candidate for your job! If you need additional help in hiring, try our staffing services.


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