QUIZ: Do I belong in a big or small dental practice?

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Finding the right dental practice where you can develop, grow and create a work family plays a huge factor in whether you are going to enjoy your career in the dental field.  

While it may take some time to find the perfect practice for you, the first step in the right direction is knowing whether you should be applying to small (4 to 7 employees) or large (8 or more employees) dental practices. 

This quiz was designed to help Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Dentists and Front Office dental personnel know what size dental practice is right for them. 

So lets get started!  Select the answer that best matches you, keep track and at the end we will tally up your answers to find what was the best fit for you!

#1 How do you prefer to learn on the job?

a. With one or two persons showing me how and what to do.  Preferably in a setting where we are not rushed and they can show me how to do things properly.  I like to know I am doing things right the first time.
b. I love to learn from a lot of different people to see different ways to do things.  I thrive under pressure so learning in a fast paced environment where I can practice over and over again until I get it right is best for me. 
c. Honestly, I feel like I can learn in any environment as long as I know what is expected of me. 

#2 Do you like to run with a large crowd?

a. No way!  I keep a tight knit of friends and I like the people I am around to truly know me and for me to truly know them.  
b. Yes!  I love being around people and having options of people to talk to!  
c. As long as I like who I am with, I don’t care if it is a lot of people or a tight knit crew.  

#3 Does your personal life require a flexible work life?

a. Not really, I rarely ever have a reason to call out from work. My reliability and punctuality is something I pride myself on.   
b. Kinda, I hate knowing my team is going to suffer because I had to call out for the day.  Having teammates that could step up to cover for me while I am out, is exactly what I need.  
c. Life is a roller coaster, I don’t know what tomorrow is going to hold, but the plan is to always be at work when scheduled and on time. 

#4 Do you prefer a slower paced work environment?

a. I do!  I like getting to connect with my patients and making sure they get all the time they need.  I am also able to keep busy during downtimes so the day doesn’t drag. 
b. Not at all!  I like my days to go by quickly.  Being in a fast paced office guarantees that my day is going to go by quickly. 
c. Doesn’t matter, as long as I get a lunch break, I’m good. 

Mostly A’s:

You are loyal, reliable and love being apart of a tight knit team.  Working in a smaller dental practice offers a lot of benefits.  

You get to work closely with your doctor and get a lot more hands on opportunities.  Your teammates become your family since you get so much time to connect with them. And you get to provide superior patient care since your practice is designed for that.  Its the perfect fit for you!

The small downsides are that you are truly needed, if you are the only person in your role, calling out sick puts your team in a bind.  Or if there is any tension in the practice, with the team being so small, it might be hard to escape. But if being in a smaller practice is truly right for you, these obstacles are easy to overcome.  Make sure you keep communication clear with your team to avoid confrontations. And if you know you have to be out of the office, assist them in finding a temp on DirectDental.com

Mostly B’s:

Mostly B’s: You are an outgoing person who loves to keep busy!  You and your career will thrive in a larger dental practice.  

Being in a larger practice allows you to learn from multiple people everyday.  You get to work with many friendly faces which can make the day fun and go by quickly.  And you wont feel so guilty if you have to call out because you know your fellow teammates can fill in for you! When working in a busy practice there is never a dull moment.  

Some pitfalls of working in a large practice can include, having to fight for attention and recognition from your doctors and you can become overworked in a fast paced environment if you don’t ask for help when needed.  But if you don’t need a lot of attention from your doctors and you feel comfortable communicating when you need help, then find a larger dental practice with 8+ employees is exactly where you need to be.  

Mostly C’s:

Mostly C’s: Your laid back and go with the flow personality will make you successful in any size practice.  You can pick up your pace and get along well in a crowd if needed, but also don’t mind spending your time with the same 4 individuals everyday.   Read both the Mostly A’s and Mostly B’s description to understand the ups and downs of working in a large and small dental practice. We suggest you try temping for a while so you can truly discover what size practice is best for you.  You can create a Dental Temp profile, so both large and small dental practices can start requesting you today! 

Not currently working in the right size practice?  Head to DirectDental.com and apply to the dental practices that best match your style!


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