Dentistry Named Ninth Best Job by US News & World Report

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Even though many of us are still healing from 2020, this most recent news should be a reminder that you still picked one of the best careers out there.  

US News and World Report has just released their findings and they listed Dentistry as the 9th best job! 

And that isn’t the only top ranking Dentists got. 

Dentists are also ranked:

#5 in Best Health Care Jobs
#7 in best STEM Jobs
#11 in Best Paying Jobs. 

US News and World Report developed these rankings on tangible and intangible qualities of the job.  Here is your score card ==> 

As you can see, our pay, the demand in the current market and the work life balance of dentists are great contributors that keep Dentists in the top ten of these rankings.  But your stress level and growth in the field might have worked against us.  

I have always said that Dentists have stressful jobs.  You have to be in the mouth of your patients all while running a business, managing employees and marketing your practice.  But obviuosly all your hard work pays off. 

And General Dentists weren’t the only winners in the dental field.  

We saw a lot of specialists at the top of these lists. 

Orthodontists earned several top spots being:

#5 in Best Paying Jobs
#7 in Best Health Care jobs
#8 in best STEM jobs
#11 in Best Jobs

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons ranked with:

#3 in Best paying Jobs
#9 in Best Health Care Jobs
#18 in Best jobs

Prosthodontists are rocking it too.  Here are their rankings. 

#6 in Best Paying Jobs
#13 in Best Health Care Jobs
#35 in Best Jobs

Dental Hygienists and Assistants also made it onto the top 100 list.  

Dental Hygienists got 2 rankings. 

#5 in Best Health Care Support Jobs
#32 in Best Jobs

Dental Assistants received 3 rankings!

#14 in Best Jobs without a College Degree
#15 Best Healthcare Support Jobs
#84 in Best Jobs

This report had me grinning from ear to ear.  It is an honor to support such a highly respected field and to work with the people who have the Best Jobs in the World.  

Thank you for the opportunity and keep up the great work!