Is your hiring process costing you candidates?

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Employer advice, Hiring, Temporary Hire | 0 comments

We went into COVID with a shortage of candidates and we are going to leave COVID with a shortage of candidates.  Meaning there are more jobs in the dental field than there are candidates to fill them.  And if you find that you have been struggling to hire someone, your hiring process might be working against you.

We have put together some tips for you to implement in your hiring process so that the perfect candidate chooses you over the other guys.  

1) Use as many tools as possible to attract the right talent.

Easier said than done, right?  Well… not any more. has partnered with all the major job boards to get your job more visibility to dental candidates than ever before.  Now all you have to do is post your job once, and it will be posted on Indeed, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Facebook Jobs and more! 

Other great tools at your disposal are dental staffing agencies and using your network to see if anyone is looking for work!  The more you get the word out about your job, the more likely you are to fill it.   

2) Make sure your job post attracts people and makes them want to apply.  

Make sure it is easy to read and the benefits of working with your office are at the top.  In this job market, your job post needs to make the candidate want to work for you. Just listing their duties isn’t going to cut it.  

Feel free to borrow our free templates.   

3) Make sure your pay and benefits are competitive.  

More and more dental practices are offering better pay and benefits to attract and keep qualified candidates.  As the saying goes “You get what you pay for”, offering higher pay and basic benefits, like Paid Time Off, will bring the better candidates to you.

Not sure what is the going rates for dental professionals.  This post will fill you in!

4) Don’t be too nit-picky.

If there is a small typo on their resume or they don’t have all the experience you want, don’t let that deter you from interviewing them.  They could be a really dependable and fast learning person that you passed on for something silly. Don’t fall into that trap and miss out on great people.

5) Pull the trigger quickly.

Working for a staffing agency, we see this scenario all the time:

The office loves that candidate, the candidate loves the office, but the office waited 3 days to call with the offer, during that time another office already made an offer and the candidate accepted.

If you like someone, offer them the position at the end of the working interview and lock in a start date right then.  Also, your initial interview and working interview should be within 72 hours of each other.  Or even better, schedule your initial interview for the morning and move them right into a working interview, so they only have to take one day off of work.  

With these tips, hopefully you will have an easier time finding the perfect candidate to fill your open position.  It’s a jungle out there, so happy hunting!