12 easy tricks for dental professionals to increase their energy

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As dental professionals, we are usually so busy taking care of our family, doctors, and patients that we forget to care for ourselves. We wake up early, commute to work, work on our feet all day, commute home to cook and clean. All of this causes us to be exhausted and doing the bare minimum, and sadly just has us looking forward to when we can fall asleep at night.

A few years ago, I was at my end, I had a new baby, a very busy business, and I just knew something had to change. But I was already exhausted, so the changes had to be small, simple, and not consume any of the time I was already lacking. And since I started with tip #1, I have implemented all 12 of these tips, and my energy and happiness levels are now off the charts.

They are so easy that I included exactly how to make them a part of your daily life!

Maybe you are already doing some or all of these, and if so, great job.  But if you are a dental assistant, hygienist, or front office dental personnel and you need a little pick me up, these small tips can make a big difference in your life. 

#1 Drink water right when you wake up

Put a glass of water right next to your bed, wake up in the morning and chug that water.  

#2 One cup glass of lemon water a day

Buy a few lemons or steal some from your neighbor’s tree. Then, pour yourself a glass of water, squeeze some lemon juice in the water and drink it. 

#3 Get outside for a minimum of 20 minutes a day

Go for a walk or sit outside and watch your kids play for 20 minutes.  If you don’t have time before or after work to do 20 minutes outside, eat your lunch outside instead of sitting in the crowded break room.

#4 Do something useful with your commute

Listen to audiobooks or podcasts about something you want to learn more about, meditate or review what you are grateful for, keep in touch with friends and family by calling them on your commute. 

#5 Chamomile or Sleepy Time Tea at night

Buy a pack of Chamomile tea before bed, make the tea, and enjoy.  It will relax you and set you up for a great night of sleep! 

#6 Cut back on screen time

Move your social media apps and games to a new location (on your phone) weekly.  Not having the app in its usual place makes you realize you are looking for it. Catching yourself looking for an app just might stop you from opening them.  And shut off all notifications, so you aren’t tempted to open the app.

#7 Cut back on drinking alcohol

Wine every night isn’t doing you any favors. Instead, try mixing kombucha and sparkling water in a wine glass to give you that fancy wine feeling. 

#8 Cut back on sugar

Remove sugary creamers from your coffee (use Nutpod creamer, or I use liquid stevia and almond milk) and drink green juice or tea, go for a walk, fold laundry, or do anything to keep yourself occupied right around the time you know your sugar cravings are about to kick in.  

#9 Keep Gratitude journal

Buy a cute journal and take 5 minutes each day to write what you are grateful for; it will change your whole mindset. 

#10 Wake up earlier

Just do it and enjoy some extra “me” time in the morning. 

#11 Clean your house before your sit

My least favorite on this list, but it greatly improves your life.  After dinner, clean the kitchen and do a general tidy-up before you sit down to watch your shows.  You will see how much better it feels relaxing in a tidy house. 

#12 Take vitamins for areas you want to improve in

Research areas where you feel you need improvement, and then find the vitamins and supplements that will help.  I take Ashwaganda for energy and help me focus, Apple Cider Vinegar to keep my tummy happy and help calm my sugar cravings, and Magnesium Chelate to help me sleep.  Not sure if they are actually doing something or if the improvements are in my head, but I don’t care; I feel great! 

All these items are so easy that they don’t take major time or energy to implement, and once they become routine, you will see your energy, health, and overall well-being improve.  

Don’t try to do them all at once; just pick one or two and start from there.  

If you have any other simple or easy tricks to improve the life of your fellow dental professionals, leave them in the comments below!


Holli Perez

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