How Dental Professionals can earn bigger bonuses

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One of the biggest trends we see with job posts recently is dental offices offering bonuses based on production and/or collections.  It has always been one of my favorite benefits as it motivates the team and rewards them for working hard.  

If you are lucky enough to work in an office that is offering bonuses, it doesn’t matter what your position is; YOU can help increase your office’s case acceptance, thus increasing your production and collections to make more $$$. 

In this blog, we break down by position how you can help increase production in your dental office. 

The Whole Team

Start with your morning huddle.  That is the most productive and important part of making sure your office hits production goals. 

The most important part of the huddle is discussing pending treatment for all the patients coming in that day.  It is important for everyone to know who needs treatment and make a plan to get the patient to move forward and get the dental care they need.

For more info on how to have a successful morning huddle read this

Dental Receptionist

The amazing and wonderful greeter in the office, you set the tone for the patient’s entire visit with a hello and a smile.  Honestly, this makes you the most important part of case acceptance.  If you set the right tone, the patient will likely be ready to move forward with the treatment they need.  

But another way you can help is with a quick and unassuming question.  After exchanging pleasantries and letting them know you will tell the doctor they are here, simply ask, “Did you want me to inform the doctor of any concerns you might have about your teeth?”  

They may confess some discomfort.  You can pass this information along to the assistant, hygienist, and doctor so they can lead into the appointment with that concern.  Addressing the patient’s concerns directly and immediately will get them to move forward with treatment.

Dental Hygienist

Most of you already do this small and simple but extremely effective thing that definitely increases case acceptance.  

Which is, vocally address concerns you have with the patient while you are looking in their mouth.  

Obviously, don’t diagnose (even though we know you know exactly what it is), but simply saying “There is something going on with tooth # 19; I am going to make sure I have the doctor look at that for you.” This makes a huge difference in whether the patient accepts treatment on #19 or not.  

When you point out issues, and the doctor confirms it, your patients trust that 1000% more than if you just spent 20 minutes in their mouth, didn’t mention any issues, and then the doctor points out that they have decay.  

No matter how much they trust and love your doctor, the patient will wonder why you didn’t mention anything.  

So if you are already a master at this, great!  If you aren’t doing it, start.  Your patients get the care they need, and your team and your wallet will be thankful for the bonus!

Treatment Coordinators

My two suggestions are to present treatment in the operatory and hit the phones.  

Present treatment in operatory

The reason for this is if there is room on the schedule for same-day treatment, and you present treatment in the op, the patient is more likely to say, “I am already here; let’s do it.” 

It also sets up the Dental Assistant to assist in answering any questions the patient has about the treatment.  From my many years as a treatment coordinator, I learned that the patient will always ask the DA questions about the treatment rather than ask me. 

Hit the phones

By hit the phones, I mean, if your schedule falls apart, print out who needs treatment and call them to tell them the doctor was asking about them and made time on their schedule to finish that crown on tooth #5.  

And when you or the hygiene coordinator is calling patients to do appointment reminders, make sure to mention they have pending treatment and that you could get them on the doctor’s schedule before or after their cleaning. Then, they will know that you are doing them a favor by consolidating their cleaning with their treatment, and you will know you are getting the team closer to a bonus.

Dental Assistant

Be there for your patients.  Half of your patients don’t want to burden your doctor with questions about treatment, but they feel very comfortable with you.  So after your dental treatment coordinator presents the treatment and leaves the room, simply ask, “What questions can I answer for you about the treatment?”  

DON’T ask, “Do you have any questions about the treatment?” Because they can just say “No.” And the conversation is over. 

“What questions can I answer….” Suggests that you know they have questions and you want to help answer them.  This allows them to open up, and you can help address their concerns.  Hopefully, getting them to move forward with treatment.  

There you have it.  Everyone on the team has their part to help make sure your office hits your production and collection goals to get those bonuses.  

I hope this post helps you make more money.  And if your current office doesn’t offer a bonus system, either ask for it, or you can check out all the offices offering bonuses on DirectDental.  


Holli Perez

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