He spent $500 on Indeed and got zero applicants

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Business Insider just published this story.

A farm in Massachusetts said it spent $500 advertising on Indeed for a job running its short-staffed produce stand – and got zero applicants

The owner of a farm in Massachusetts said that he spent $500 advertising for a job vacancy on Indeed — but nobody applied.

The advert, which was seeking staff to work at an outdoor stand selling the farm’s produce and flowers from local florists, “didn’t yield anybody,” Hugh Manheim, owner of Manheim Farm in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, told The Daily Hampshire Gazette.

After being unable to find workers, Manheim temporarily closed the stand.

“We couldn’t find any people to work there,” he told The Gazette. “We’re still looking.” He did not say how much the job would pay.

Businesses ranging from ride-hailing apps and restaurants to hotels and delivery services are struggling to find workers.

Many say that their efforts to hire new workers are falling flat. The owner of a discount store in Maine said that he had a “help wanted” sign in the window but only received five applications in six months, while the owner of a taco restaurant in Texas said that most people who applied for jobs didn’t show up to their interviews.

Much like this farmer, dental offices continue to struggle to find staff. Even though the unemployment benefits have ended, we are still feeling that shortage.

And we love Indeed, and we know they bring in fantastic candidates, so I have to assume this farmer wasn’t offering enough pay or benefits to make people want to work for him. His job post probably wasn’t following my tips in the post How to Get Applicants for Your Job Post.

But I think the biggest takeaway from this is you shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket. That is why DirectDental works with hundreds of job boards to make sure your job post is getting as much exposure as possible.

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