Your boss caught you looking for another job, now what?

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A recent report I read said that almost 33% of the employees surveyed admitted to looking for a job on company time.  Which if you signed an employee handbook that could be grounds for termination since you used company property for your own personal use. Even if your employer just found out you were looking for a new job through other means, this might be a great opportunity to work with your dentist and office manager to improve your current work situation or at least make it a better workplace for your coworkers.  

Luckily for Dental Assistants, Hygienist and even Dental Front Office Personell, finding a new job quickly is easier than ever. Demand continues to rise and technology connects you to job opportunities faster than ever before.  

If your employer is unreasonable and fires you on the spot, you can simply head to DirectDental and start temping and applying for jobs.  

However, if you work with a reasonable doctor and office manager.  They will hopefully ask you about why you are looking for a new opportunity.  This could give you the opportunity to ask for what you want and continue to work for current employer. 

If you are looking for:

  • Better Pay
  • Benefits
  • Different but reasonable hours
  • Or maybe you aren’t getting along with another coworker

These are all items that your doctor and office manager might be willing to work with you on.  Or they at least should to keep you on if you are a true key player in their practice. 

Now that they know you are looking for work and they opened the conversation by asking about it, simply state what you are looking for.  Tell them you didn’t know how to start the conversation and that you are sorry but these are your current needs.  Tell them you would love to stay on with them if those needs could be met.  

This goes one of two are ways.  They meet your needs and all is well, or they explain that they can’t.  If they can’t, tell them you would love to stay on but will have to continue to look for a new job.  Tell then you will absolutely give them a 2 week notice and will happily train your replacement.  Again, any reasonable doctor is going to work with you on that. 

If you want a raise but don’t want to wait for your doctor to find out and ask why you are looking for another job, read: How Dental Professionals Should Ask for a Raise.

Sometimes your needs are not something that can be easily matched.  If you need to leave your job because of:

  • The commute
  • An extreme hatred for anyone on the team
  • A toxic work environment that is affecting your mental health

Then you do need to be ready to leave and maybe leave before you have a new job.  If your doctor is reasonable and asks you to explain why you are looking for a new job, you should still give them an honest answer, even if it is hard for them to hear.  You can then offer to continue to work until you find a new job and then give them the 2 weeks notice and all that good stuff, or tell them you need to part ways sooner than later and give them notice on the spot.  You can see how you are feeling in the moment. 

If your employer decides to fire you on the spot, there are actions you can take.  I feel legal action could take more time, money and effort than it is worth, but if you feel it must be done, you can look into it. 

But if you find yourself without a job sooner than you thought and you want to start looking for work right away, these posts are for you. 

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These posts will help you earn a paycheck right away with temping and then will help you find the right job for you, making you the money, hours and healthy work environment you want. 


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