How do I use Artificial Intelligence to hire a Hygienist or Dental Assistant?

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Artificial Intelligence is a big buzz word right now. And it is going to have a big year in 2024.  We are already seeing Dental offices using AI to assist with their marketing, diagnosing, and scheduling patient appointments.  Soon enough, your office will be using it to staff your dental jobs, if you aren’t already. 

This post aims to introduce you to Artificial Intelligence tools that are already here to assist you with your hiring needs, discuss when not to use AI when hiring and inform you on the future of AI and how it will make staffing your job easier than ever. 

At this point you might be asking…

How do I use AI today to hire a Hygienist or Dental Assistant? 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in staffing is still rudimentary.  But what is in place today can have a major impact on assisting you in finding qualified Dental Assistants and Hygienists.  

The biggest one is that there are Dental Staffing Services out there that utilize Artificial Intelligence to send your job to all the major job boards.  Then leverage that AI technology to scan the boards to see where you would get the most applicants.  Helping you cast the widest net with laser focus.

In true AI fashion, all you have to do is post your job and they will do the work for you.  

Some job boards and staffing services also utilize AI in the form of candidate or temp matching.  Where they take what you have posted in your job description and scan their database and present the best candidates to you.  This saves you a lot of time as you now only have to review the best possible matches for your job.  From there you can invite them to apply, request them to temp or send them a message.  

When Shouldn’t I Use AI to Staff My Dental Job? 

With the creation of ChatGPT, many recruiters jumped all over this with hopes of creating job postings that stood out in a crowd.  Since so many did this, it turned out, AI was creating the same job posts for the same jobs no matter the company.  Which resulted in the job boards being displeased with all the duplicate ads. 

When the major job board’s AI sees many of the same job postings they hide those job posts from applicants.  Which, naturally, resulted in less persons applying to those jobs. 

My advice is when it comes to writing an ad, feel free to use AI, BUT still give it a personal touch.  Tidbits about the office and the team always make your ad stand out. 

How will Artificial Intelligence Help Me Attract Talent in the Future? 

There are so many possibilities that AI offers when it comes to staffing, but the one I am most excited about is utilizing it to contact qualified applicants as soon as possible. 

We are seeing the creation of AI services that will review your applicants resumes and if they have what you want, it will send that applicant either a text message, email or chat immediately about the position.  Helping you to contact those applicants before any other offices have a chance to.    

This service could even go so far as asking qualifying questions and scheduling interviews. Which means, in the near future, all you have to do is post the job and then all your interviews will be scheduled for you.  Staffing couldn’t get much easier than that.  

Another extremely exciting prospect in utilizing AI, is in staffing temps.  Eventually, Artificial Intelligence could scan your dental softwares schedule and recognize which days you will need additional assistance.  Once it recognizes that, it can either notify you OR simply make a request directly to your dental staffing platform.  So you and your team are never understaffed on a busy day ever again. 

With the challenges in staffing dental offices, dentists and their practices need to utilize the best tools to find success.  I hope this post was enlightening and I look forward to these “Future” tools being on the market soon.  


Holli Perez

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