Who is DirectDental?

by | Jun 23, 2020 | DirectDental Updates | 0 comments

As we come out of quarantine, I find myself talking to a lot of you that I have never had the chance to connect with before.  

There seems to be 3 types of clients or dental professionals that I personally haven’t had the chance to speak with.  

  1. You have been working closely with another team member in the company. 
  2. You have been using the site directly and haven’t needed our personal touch.  
  3. You have been receiving (and hopefully) enjoying our emails, but haven’t needed our services until now.  

But whatever the case may be, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and the DirectDental team.  

If you fall into group #3, you are mostly likely wondering, who is the person writing these emails and blogs.  Well that is me.  

My name is Holli Perez.  I have been the owner of Direct Dental Staffing since 2016 and the CoFounder and CMO of DirectDental since 2018.  

Before getting into dental staffing, I worked for prominent DSOs such as ClearChoice Dental Implants and Premier Dental.  As ClearChoice I started out as a Patient Education Consultant, where I was in charge of selling and collecting $300K a month.  And then later at Premier Dental, I was a regional manager in charge of 5 to 7 dental practices.  We purchased several practices and I was in charge of the whole transition.  

So when I write these blog posts, it is from true experience.  Also, getting to chat with so many dentists, office managers and back office staff gives me a lot of the info I produce in those blogs. 

The other half of DirectDental includes Anthony Perez and Frank Sandoval

Many people have spoken with Anthony.  Especially our temps and those offices that request temps a lot. 

Most wouldn’t be able to tell, but Anthony actually doesn’t have any background in dentistry.  He actually comes with a background in Healthcare Communications and has been instrumental in huge hospital chains launching methods and systems that completely change the way they communicate within the hospital, to referring doctors and their patients. 

He is also my husband.  

Shortly after I took over the company, we thought it would be a great idea to marry my experience in Dental and Dental Staffing and his experience in Healthcare Communications to create a platform that would quickly and effectively connect dental practices that need to hire to dental professionals that want to work.  That is where the idea for DirectDental was created. 

Then we brought in Frank.  He built our website for Direct Dental Staffing and was so great at automating our processes, we knew he was the guy to build DirectDental.  

Frank Sandovol is the owner of F2 Web Services and DirectDental’s CoFounder and CTO.  He has been building websites since 2005 and his passion for code and technology is endless.  Which is why the site is constantly improving and growing.   

Once we had the team assembled, we went to work.  DirectDental was launched in 2018, just 3 months before Anthony and I welcomed our first son, Diego into the world.   

For the past year and a half, dental offices have been able to find their own temps and hire directly.  

In May of 2020, we took it up a notch and started offering staffing plans, which removed daily temp fees and permanent placement fees from our vocabulary.  You can read more about that here

I hope you can gather from this little post, that we are a small but ambitious family company with a passion for dentistry. So if you find that you have any questions or suggestions on our services, feel free to reach out!  Our number is 619-295-1002.