“You are, and always have been, my dream.”

Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook 


Nothing like the month of love to have you reevaluate your team.  Do you love the people you choose to surround yourself with daily?  Have you created YOUR dream team?


If not, it’s ok.  That is why I am writing this post.  Here, you will get little suggestions on how to better love your team and how to find your dream team using DirectDental.


If you are questioning whether your team is all it could be, ask yourself these questions.


  1. Do my patients feel they are getting the best care from everyone on the team?
  2. Are all of your employees complaint free? – Meaning no one has complained about them to you or on your review sites.
  3. Does my team feel they can talk to me about anything? – Be honest with yourself here. 
  4. Do I take good care of my team? – Again, be honest with yourself.
  5. Do we have fun together?

If you answered yes to all of these, please continue about your day, you have your dream team. 


If you answered no to 1 or both of the first two questions. 

Let’s evaluate.  If your patients don’t feel cared for by everyone on the team, is there 1 person, in particular, that is causing complaints?  If so, you might have an unmotivated employee or just a straight-up trouble maker. 


If your employee is unmotivated, this post gives you tips on how to get them back on track.

How to handle an unmotivated employee


If you have a straight-up problem employee, don’t wait too long to have them move on. Their negative attitude could infect your staff. 


If you need tips on how to find qualified personnel to replace your trouble maker we suggest these reads:


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Is your hiring process costing you candidates? 


If you answered No to questions 3, 4 or 5, luckily that is an easy fix.  


Hold employee reviews and ask them how YOU could do better.  Getting feedback directly from your team will help you greatly improve your leadership style.  


You can also read and put these posts into practice.

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Another way to keep your staff happy, healthy and in love with being your employee is to never be understaffed.  On your busy/ high production days hire a temp to help out!


If you need to hire temps, we suggest these easy reads:


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There you have it.  We hope this post helps you fall deeper in love with your dental team and keeps you in love for years to come!